What we do

We do not come into your organization or project believing we are the "experts."

We are partners to you in your work; bringing fresh eyes, new ideas; a variety of expertise and skills -

and sometimes simply extra hands.

We are strategic, collaborative and we connect people to each other and to ideas.

We are always looking for ways to help you better serve the community and your target population/service area; to maximize your organization's purpose, mission and potential.

Working to transform the health and vitality of people and the places they live

Transformative Consulting, LLC offers strategic consulting, program development, grant writing and resource enhancement, needs assessment and market analysis, and community engagement among other services to community organizations working to improve access to health care, and to improve the health and vitality of urban and rural communities.


  •  Provide extensive strategic consulting, business/service delivery planning and proposal writing related to the development of new urban and rural community health center sites (coordinate/develop New Access Points applications)

  •  Conduct community needs assessments and market analyses to aid health centers with strategic planning, growth plans, preparation of funding applications and enhancements in the services provided to the communities and target populations served (e.g., coordinate and develop health center Service Area Competition applications)

  • Develop other federal grant applications/proposals to expand sites, services and capacity (such as expanded capacity/service expansion applications, capital-funding requests, etc...)

  •  Assist health centers to remain compliant with the 19 Health Center Program Requirements with special emphasis in areas related to overall operation and administration, scope of project, governance and other aspects of service delivery.

  •  Assist health center staff to analyze, address and respond to federal grant conditions.

  • Provide extensive consulting on scope of project and scope realignment, including preparation of Change in Scope requests for health centers

  • Lead strategy sessions and work with clients to develop strategic plans, business/service delivery plans, and other projects to define direction and put initiatives into action.